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Injection Treatment

Injection Treatment for a Chronic Migraine

We understand that many patients are a bit apprehensive and anxious at the thought of having to make an appointment with a neurologist. You can rest assured knowing that your care is extremely important to us and we will keep you informed every step of the way. Please be sure to review our patient information for details on what to bring to your neurological consultation.

Since April 2014 Injection treatment for Chronic Migarine sufferers is on PBS for an eligible patient.

It is estimated that more than 10% of the Australian population suffer from migraine headaches resulting in lost time at work and enjoyment of extracurricular activities. A migraine is more than just a typical headache. It is an intense pounding and throbbing pain that steals one’s energy and ability to function during the duration of an episode which can last for one day or longer.

While most conventional treatments involve taking medications that provide relief during the onset or aura of the acute symptoms, Antiwrinkle injections has been found to work as a preventive treatment for chronic migraine sufferers.

How does Antiwrinkle injection treatment work?

A migraine episode is triggered when the trigeminal nerve is stimulated, which releases neurotransmitters that cause painful inflammation of blood vessels of the brain. This inflammation causes symptoms like a severe headache, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. It works by blocking the release of those neuro-transmitters that carry the pain signals through nerve impulses.


How is it administered?

Antiwrinkle injection is given in the form of low volume injections. These injections are administered by a trained Neurologist. It is injected across several specific head/neck muscle areas. The entire out-patient procedure takes around 15 minutes and the patient can resume their normal activities immediately following treatment. The recommended re-treatment schedule is every 12 weeks.


Are there any side effects of injection treatment for chronic headaches?

Temporary side effects such as muscle weakness, the dropping of eyelids, neck pain, muscle pain, mild pain at the injection site and dry mouth have been reported by some patients. These side effects usually go away within few days without the need for any additional medication.

It is not recommended for  individuals with existing neuromuscular disorders and heart conditions; or for women that are pregnant or nursing.


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