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Geriatric Services

Geriatric Services

As people grow older through the natural aging process they are often faced with a different set of medical challenges and impediments which are best handled by a geriatrician that is specially trained to provide medical care for mature adults.

Our geriatric services help individuals with a variety of issues including:

Chronic illnesses or multiple health conditions.

Memory-related disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Problems with balance and gait.


Difficulty sleeping.

Inability to carry out daily activities.

Behavioral or mood changes.


Aged Care Physicians

Our geriatrician is a licensed aged care physician with many years of experience in providing a full range of specialized care for the benefit of older individuals. This includes physical as well as psychological assessment, nutritional plans and recommended social programs for those that require assistance with specific needs and tasks.

The goal of our geriatric services is to prevent and treat diseases and disabilities in older adults in an effort to promote better health that will provide a higher quality of life. Call (03) 9791 1599 to make an appointment with our geriatrician today.

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