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Neurological Consultation

Neurological Consultation For Patients

Our team of neurologists treats a variety of neurological disorders using the latest medical and alternative medicine advancements to give our patients a more enjoyable and productive lifestyle.

If you have any queries about our practice or would like to speak to one of our medical team members regarding your condition you may call us on (03) 9791 1599. For your convenience, you can complete our patient information form and schedule an appointment online to save some time upon your arrival to our facility.


What to Bring

Unless otherwise requested, please bring the following to your neurological consultation:

  • Medicare Card
  • Physician Referral form (required for all new patients)
  • Pension/Health Care Card (if applicable)
  • Veterans Affairs Gold Card (if applicable)
  • List any medicines you are taking
  • Old CT scan or MRI scan along with the report of the scan


How long will it take?

We ask that you allow at least 45-60 minutes for your neurological consultation. Your neurologist may decide that it is necessary to order lab tests, x-rays and/or scans to confirm a diagnosis or to follow-up on treatments. While Electrophysiology tests can be done right here in our clinic, in some instances you may be referred to one of the places nearby.
You can rest assured knowing that your care and comfort will receive our highest attention. Please review our patient education materials for additional information about neurological disorders.


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